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I’m Working Hard to be your Next State Senator

On the Issues:


Domestic production of iron ore and other precious metals is critical to our country’s long-term success. We saw this necessity in World War II when the Iron Range produced 75 percent of the iron needed for the effort. We see a similar need now, including our copper and precious metal resources. As prices and demand soar across the country, we need to ramp up production, not slow it down with unnecessary, burdensome regulations. Ensuring we have strong domestic production isn’t just good for the economy, it is vital to our national security.

Our right to bear arms has been under constant threat by the radical left. I will stand against their attacks on the constitution and bring forward pro-gun legislation.



From the unborn to our elderly citizens, life must be protected at all costs. I will support our seniors and support pro-life legislation. We value human life here in northern Minnesota, and I pledge to be the voice of the people.

Every day we see continued efforts by bureaucrats to steal control from local governing bodies. Administrative rules and mandates put forward by government agencies need to end. Every regulation needs to go through the legislature or, even better, be left to locals to decide. We are now seeing the true impact of central control. From California car mandates to school curriculum, local control has never been more important.



The Defund the Police movement has emboldened criminals and put our neighborhoods in danger. Democrats are now dodging responsibility, claiming they have never advocated for the dismantling of law enforcement. We see through their smokescreen, and I will be a voice in favor of public safety. We need laws that discourage criminal behavior, prosecutors who do their job, and police equipped with the resources necessary to protect the communities they selflessly serve.

Having an executive with limitless power and no way to end it is a dangerous system. We saw this firsthand during the pandemic when Governor Walz held his emergency powers for over a year. The way this authority exists and operates must be reformed.